CONING updated new product waterproof breathable membrane
CONING updated new product waterproof breathable membrane

Apr 12,2018

New List Product Breathable Membrance

In usually, damp in buildings can cause a number of serious problems, such as:

Damp patches.
Mould growth, mildew, salts, staining and ‘tide marks’.
Damage to surface finishes.
Corrosion and decay of building fabric.
Slip hazards.
Frost damage.
Poor performance of insulation.
Damage to equipment, or electrical failure.
The most common causes of persistent damp in buildings are:

Surface condensation.
Interstitial condensation (condensation within the fabric of a building's construction, either on the surfaces of components that make up the fabric, or sometimes within the components themselves).
Penetrating damp.
Rising damp.

For that reason, CONING update one new product breathing paper (EPTFE)to help solve that probelm

Breather membranes (or breathable membranes) are water resistant but air permeable. Typically they are used within external wall and roof constructions where the external cladding may not be completely water-tight or moisture resistant, such as in tiled roofs or framed wall constructions.

Breather membranes can also improve the thermal efficiency of a building’s external envelope and can provide temporary protection from the weather during construction or repair works.

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