CONING Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board

Takes ceramic fibers as the main raw materials ,After fiber processing,slag removing,then add some organic and inorganic binder,through vacuum forming process,to be made into high strength fiber board.


· Industrial furnace wall lining and bricking-up insulating layer

· Kiln lining, kiln cars, door baffles, kiln furnace dividers of high temperature kiln

· Heat insulation of high temperature and high-heat equipments

· Heat insulation, fireproof and sound insulation of aerospace, shipbuilding industries

· Combustion chambesr of boilers & heaters

· Hot face lining for furnaces & kilns

· Backup insulation to castable & bricks

· Ladle covers, Aluminium trough liners, Trough covers, Expansion joints, Hot gas duct linging, Riser sleeves,Crucibles,Launders, Tap out cones, Sight holes etc

Ceramic fiber wool board